Through Lynk Financial, Inc., you'll enjoy substantial savings either through lower loan costs, lower interest rates, or a combination of the two. As importantly, you'll have the guidance of a professional loan officer throughout every step of the process. With Lynk Financial, Inc. you can be sure you're saving money and getting the loan program that best meets your needs.

Click your way through the following application, completing as much information as you can. If you get stuck, just give us a call at 248-889-2401 and we'll guide you through. Remember we're here to save you both time and money!

Don't worry about missing information, you can provide it later. The key here is to be as complete as you can and submit your application now to get the processing rolling.

It's Simple. Here's how it works:

  1. You can either apply on-line or through the mail.
  2. The absolutely easiest and fastest way to get your loan is by applying on line. Or, you can do it all by mail if you prefer. The choice is yours.
    Caution: Do not let people run free credit reports for you. They will have to be rerun later and will lower your credit score!
  3. When we receive your application, either on-line or through the mail, we will contact you for authorization to run your credit report. We'll then add the credit information to your application for you, so your input is much easier.
  4. We then mail your completed application, disclosures, and credit report to you for your review.
  5. You just mail back the signed application along with requested documentation and we'll do the rest.
  6. At Lynk Financial, Inc., a loan officer is always working behind the scenes making sure the choices you make are consistent with your profile. If there are inconsistencies, you will be notified of alternatives that may make sense for you.
    If you wish to speak with your loan officer directly, call
  7. Please record your username and password because you'll need them when you come back to the site to review and/or edit the information.

And remember... All of your information is confidential and will be treated that way throughout the entire process.... Our site is secure and our procedures are secure as well.


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A large majority of qualified SBA commercial loan applicantions never get completed because applicants get frustrated with the process and give up. We help you follow through to get results.

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