The following is a partial list of programs offered by with a brief description of key elements.

Conventional Mortgages

Typically insured by private mortgage insurance companies. Available for borrowers with as little as 3% down payment with good to excellent credit. Owner and Non-Owner Occupied properties up to 4 units.

VA Mortgagesfor Veterans only.

Insured by the Veterans Administration. Owner occupied properties up to 4 units. Requires no down payment. Good to excellent credit.

Jumbo Loans

Down payment as little as 5%. For borrowers with good to excellent credit.

Subprime Loansfor those borrowers with hard-to-prove sources of income, limited funds for down payment, and/or poor credit history

Loan amounts vary by investor. Interest rates are typically higher than other loan types and vary depending upon severity of credit problems and other variables.

Equity Lines of Credit and Fixed-rate Second Mortgagefor borrowers with all types of credit

Allows the borrowers to use the built-up equity in their homes to finance purchases or debt consolidation.

Reverse Mortgages for borrowers age 62 or older

Allows the borrower to use the equity in their home to receive lump sum payments or monthly income. Borrower must own the home outright or nearly so. There is no monthly payment.

Commericial Mortgages -

SBA, Traditional and Non-Traditional loan programs. Small, Medium and Large scale business products available.



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