Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our clients with quality mortgage financing, striving to meet or exceed their expectations for service, quality, and value. We are eager to earn our clients long-term loyalty by working harder to deliver more than expected. Being fair and honest, going that extra mile in providing personalized services that create a pleasing experience for our clients.

Pre-approval for applicant

After the applicant has been pre-qualified, an initial loan disclosure package is sent to the borrower. These documents require the borrower's signature and a list of supplemental documents are requests. The list of supplemental documents is borrower specific. It can include a request for paystubs, W2's, bank statements, etc.

Pre-qualify applicant

The loan officer will complete an initial application and credit review to determine if the applicant(s) can qualify for the requested program or an alternate loan program.

Credit analysis

A detailed review of your credit report. You will be given advice on what item(s) may need to be addressed to better qualify your loan application.

Credit guidance

Contact information to the credit bureaus and instructions on what is needed to correct an item(s) showing in error on your report.

Customized loan programs

A review of loan program parameters that will accomplish the client's goals.

Amortization Tables

We provide amortization schedules to assist you in tracking the repayment of your loan.

Residential and Commercial loan processing

The processing of your loan application is done internally. This includes but is not limited to verification of employment, assets, and the liabilities stated on the application.

Pre-Construction loan consultations

A client is given assistance with the planning stage of their construction loan. We can refer our clients to builder's, architect's, and sub-contractor's for estimates. We assist in preparing a budget worksheet that helps determine the loan amount they will need to complete the project.

Rate Lock a loan

We can lock your interest rate on various terms. (Example: 30 day, 45 day, etc.)

Market watch

If you choose not to lock your rate during the processing of the loan, we will watch the market and inform you of any increases or decreases that can effect your desired rate.

Shop lender rates

We have access to a wide variety of lenders. We will shop the rates to find the lowest rate available for the client's qualifications.

Order appraisal, title, and survey

We order these services through the approved lender portals to assist our clients in processing their loan in a timely manner.

Home buyers seminar

We offer training seminars to educate new and potential clients on the process and procedures of qualifying and buying a new home. Please contact our office for times and locations.

Closing document reviews

A review of loan documents prior to the scheduled closing. This helps to ensure that the client is receiving a loan that is agreeable to the terms they have been quoted.

Attend a Closing

We attend closings upon our clients request. *(Note: We attend closings that are within a reasonable distance from our central office)